Best Formula For Gas – Similac Sensitive For Neuro Support

Both babies and adults can have gas in the stomach or intestine (especially in the large intestine). But these are two completely different issues. The gas found in the stomach is air, normal air, and current that the individual has swallowed (this is what doctors call aerophagia, swallowing air). Babies can swallow air when feeding, or when crying, also when sucking a finger or pacifier.

The gas in the intestine is different, smell it to understand. It contains nitrogen from the swallowed air (the digestive tract has absorbed oxygen) and gases that are produced in the intestine itself by digesting certain foods and that give off their characteristic odor.


When a baby swallows a lot of air, it would be possible for him to release a lot of “fart” but it is easier for the excess to come out on top, with burps. An excess of gas in the intestine is more likely to be from digestion than from swallowed air. When the baby does not breastfeed properly, because it has the wrong handle or has another difficulty, it is possible that he takes too much lactose and too little fat, and the overload of lactose can produce an excess of gases. Also, because you have the incorrect handle, you are likely to swallow air while breastfeeding. But neither the incorrect handle is the leading cause of the gases, nor the gases are the main symptom of the wrong handle.

Excess gases in the intestine can only be eliminated in the form of “fart”. Luckily, they can’t go the other way and go out through the mouth. The easiest way to eliminate the gas in the baby to give the baby is through the baby’s food.

Similac Sensitive For Neuro Support, Non-GMO Infant Formula

Similac Sensitive is designed to give your baby ease from the issues of gas. As we already discussed, lactose can cause gas issues in babies. This formula is developed to handle the gas and fussiness issues due to lactose allergy. This formula comes with natural components with no artificial growth hormones. It helps in the brain development of your baby.


Pros and Cons


  • Treats Gas
  • 2’-FL HMO for immune system
  • Support Brain Development
  • Support Eye Development
  • No Artificial Growth Hormones


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