Kabrita’s Best Baby Formula For Constipation

Constipation is a disease that occurs on average 80% of babies, especially after 6 months of age when it is the introduction of new foods in addition to breast milk. That is why it is indicated that the mother offers plenty of water for the baby at this stage, to help digest new foods and helping to make the stools softer.

During exclusive breastfeeding infants rarely suffer from a stuck bowel even though it is so common, as the working of the child’s bowel is still in the process of adapting because breast milk helps keep the stools richer and more frequent.

toddler constipation formula

One of the advantages of breast milk over milk formulas is that with breast milk there is no chance of the baby suffering from constipation, while formulas can be difficult to digest for the newly formed intestines. Remembering that in the breastfeeding stage, the mother’s feeding is essential because the food will be passed to the baby through breast milk. So it is good to avoid fatty foods and sodas. By following a healthy diet your baby is less likely to suffer from a trapped bowel and cramps.

In the case of babies fed with artificial milk which usually occurs in more cases when the baby is 6 months old. The child may not adapt formula at first, the mother has to check until she knows that it will not cause the discomfort of the bowel trapped in the baby. Some moms end up putting the largest amount of milk and a smaller amount of water, and it will also cause the little one to suffer with a trapped bowel. If your baby is dehydrated, the stools will become even drier and harder. Evacuation is more difficult because the system responds to dehydration by absorbing more fluid from both the food and fluid it eats and what has already been processed in the intestines.

There is no rule for how often the toddler should make coconut in the day, as each baby has its own body rhythm. Ideally, Mom should be alert to learn what your baby’s normal rhythm is and if the baby doesn’t poop in a lot of time, she should be worried. What we should be aware of is the aspect of the coconut that should not be too dry or hard. It is natural for the baby to make faces when it comes to pooping even if it is pasty, and moms learn to identify when their babies are straining precisely through the faces at that moment.

Some Mothers ask: How can I help my constipated toddler?

Here’s a solution for constipated toddlers:

Kabrita Non-GMO Goat Milk Toddler Formula for Constipation:

This formula is based on goat milk which is very easy to digest for the baby’s tummy. It can also be used as an infant formula because it fulfills all of the nutritional requirements for infants(clinical trial is in progress for infants). This is a premium Non-GMO formula that is designed to give comfort and maintain it naturally for your baby’s digestive system.  Kabrita Goat Milk formula contains all of the essential minerals and vitamins which are necessary and help in perfect growth of toddler.

Kabrita Goat milk formula for constipation

This formula is also good for the babies which are having sensitivity with cow milk (not for a confirmed cow milk protein allergy). It eases the digestive procedure and let the baby poop easily. It has a fresh smell and taste as compared to homemade goat milk formulas. It is one of the 3 formulas which is having DHA in it.


Pros and Cons:


  • Closest to breast milk
  • Relieve constipation
  • Resolve spit up issue
  • Can be used for infants


  • Not for child with cow milk allergy

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